Every year the Tallahassee Trail Riders try their best to host a ride on new years day to show support for its members and for those that maybe interested in joining.

This years ride was held at a private MX track near Tallahassee Fl.

With the rain bringing in colder weather the night before and dropping temperatures into the 30’s. It would prove to be a challenge for us Florida folks, within minutes of setting up the landowner had the fire pit ready and it quicky became the place to gather. With the overlook of a perfectly manicured MX track it did not take long for the riders to suit up and go for a ride. From beginners to experts and young to old, all were able to have fun and enjoy a safe ride.


The Tallahassee Trail Riders would like to thank the land owner, volunteers, and the riders for their support




The 2017 Gobbler Getter Enduro would surely not dissapoint this year as it would host the last round of the national enduro race series. With many championships to be decided at the finish line, the trail boss must have taken it upon himself to provide a challenging course for the best in the game.

The profound “Havana on Steroids” would definitely describe this years trail and would hold true for a good woopin.  As the trail would be extremely tight in the trees,  longer on the hills,  and deeper in the mud.
ROW 68
– I quickly found that it was going to be a tough ride as I lead us into the first test and the I mistakenly stuck my bike in a mud hole on test #1 wrapping a root in the rear wheel and pushing front and rear caliper out for a quick off with no front or rear brakes
– Test #2 would feel as if I’ve never even rode a bike before with mistakes after mistake I was definitely thinking of the old “flat tire” as I was getting close to stopping and just letting the air out. So I could ease back to camp with a good excuse
– Test #3  I began to get a better feel for the trail and the bike. Finally getting in my groove and feeling good about the ride, I would begin to challenge the trail instead of just surviving.
– Test #4 I finally found my pace and would  take the win on our row
– Test #5 After a long transfer and short stop for a banana and some Gatorade it was time to complete the last test. It was another test full of hills, rocks, trees and roots that had my body starting to give me fits but I would push through to finish.
* Happy to have completed my first National Enduro with lots of memories made with some great people this weekend